poem #5

I had a black and white satin dress
On, It made my maiden years seem mere playful

In it I sat and played with my supermodern cellphone on my lap
It has lights which sparkle and such
When Voices reach out to me through its wireless throat

Me and you – worlds apart
Like me and the cellphone

I too sparkle (the black and white satin dress, and a little jewelry hanging from my neck)

But I sit still – wait

Like I was made up by a 19th century girl who
Thought she could create characters out of her loneliness and very limited society.

When I let out a sigh
I notice I am wearing a cleavege that could easily be Victorian
And that my heart is as old as my fashions

That this cellphone of mine is as useless tonight than it would be on any 19th century night or day

And that gentlemen of your likeness, you have travelled trough time.PQAAAPfWi9FstPUBu-mrKMFvvcJB1i0_t6OFuesvBPvrsnJ0xl97V1rE18pV66XB3Jp_PUhFs_edDHxnK01EcCucyGMAm1T1UMTR2CDLlHaLH6ir8FD6U1JfXZ1B